About Eagle Web Design

Eagle Web Design specializes in designing and building websites for the small sized business. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer satisfaction. We keep our clients websites updated on a regular basis. We are available most anytime to provide support and or to answer questions you may have concerning your website.

Eagle Web Design’s owner, Andrew Lippert, has been doing web and graphic design and development since 1997. Building his first website for a car club in Waycross, GA, he has since built several sites for business across the United States of America. With Eagle Web Design, we now utilize the talents of several folks to put together professional websites for our clients.

EWD’s graphic designer is Dustin Lippert, the son of Andrew. He has been doing graphic design work since 2004. He graduated in May 2011 from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelors of Art Degree in Commercial Graphic Design. He currently works full time at the Sword of the Lord Publishers in Murfreesboro, TN along with doing design work for EWD and freelance work.

USMC - Together We Served
Andrew proudly served our country in the United States Marine Corps.
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USMC - Together We Served
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